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I have 2 aggrolites tickets for tonight at the horseshoe but I cant go! does anyone want them? $20 each! call me!

905 806 8791

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I was really pissed off tonight. I went for a walk/skate, I really wanted a cigarette. every fucking store was closed. I asked a big black guy with a dew rag for one. he gave me one. he asked me what I was doing out. I replied, I just wanted a smoke but all the stores are closed. he asked me if I smoked anything else. I said yes. he asked me if I wanted to smoke some rock. I said no. he asked me to walk with him. I did. he asked me if I lived around here. I said yes. I found out he was from brampton. he asked me if I was straight or bi. I said straight. he got sad. he continued to make advances, he asked if he could come over. I said no, my roommates would not appriciate me bringing someone over.

I've never been asked to have sex with a dude before, and a big black one at that.
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long time no post.

so the plan was to get a place. me jesse whitehead, josh mackenzie, jess burke.

we found a place that seemed decent. dundas and spadina. 3 bedroom. looks nice from the inside...on the main floor. we put a deposit down for $1650. josh backed out the day before btw. we talked to his papa and he was like josh isnt moving out.

we did all the form shit blah blah blah.
I went there yesterday. realized it was a total shithole in a fucking slum. saw a rat.

needless to say we got our deposit back today.

also today
we found THEE sweetest place ever! its at ontario and carlton in cabagetown. 1.4 killometres from school. decent. $1450/month, 2 bedrooms fully renovated a/c, nice kitchen, sick old people for landlords.

its actually so nice. amost too nice.

photos to come.

check out the listing.
it will be up until the end of july I think.
check it
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monthaversary is an excellent phrase

last night we had our 2nd fight ever. it was over nothing, but still was kind of a big deal. no one yelled and no one was like fuming mad, the fight and the resolution took 47 minutes. hahaha. we're so weak. we cant even fight for more than an hour!

regardless, I'm lucky to have been able to spend the last 4 months with the most amazing person to ever come into my life.

Happy 4 months Jess!

streetlight tonight

AGGRO was absolutelyfucking mind blowing! Surprisingly, I got them to play the Banana song which was featured on Nick Jr.'s kids show "Yo Gabba Gabba"

Slackers, I pooped my pants...figuratively.

I own too many red tee shirts.
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